Don’t pop! Don’t scratch! This is why you need our Acne Clear program!


You are so tempted to pop the pimples. When you pop a pimple, it damages the underlying tissue and can leave your complexion looking worse.

This is what happens when you squeeze a pimple:

  • This can result in even more inflammation than before, with increased redness, swelling, and heat in the surrounding skin.
  • You can get an even larger pimple and/or a new pimple right next to the one you just popped because of the break in the structure of the skin, which promotes infection.

Have you ever thought you “got” a pimple only to have it return a few hours later bigger and “angrier” than before? You’re not imagining things. That’s because the damage happens below the surface of the skin and on the surface as well.

Our acne program works best for you!

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